Sunday, October 12, 2014

Goodbye Dad

This sadness has already taken our family in a new direction... we lost Jay's father on Thursday September 4.

He had just turned 60 just a month and half earlier. He had beaten colon and lung cancer 3 times from 2010-2013 but finally lost that battle when it got into his bones. It was hard to watch him go. We were by his side several days a week since July. He left behind his wife (who would lose her mother 6 days later), two sons (including Jay), three grandchildren (including Gregory) and his mother and 4 brothers.

He was the only grandfather Gregory had in his life and in a blink of an eye, he was gone. Our family is learning to adjust, but it is not easy. Having two deaths so close together has been a test of the heart in so many cases.

I want to end this post with the words Gregory spoke that morning before he passed as I want to document it for the future....

I had been woke up by my mother-in-law's phone call about 6:30am saying it was time. I called Jay at work and told him to leave work immediately. As I was getting ready, I pondered what I was going to do to help my teenage nieces, and began to feel sad that Gregory, who was just old enough to start getting to know his grandfather, would understand what was about to happen. Just as I was to wake him up to start getting him ready, Gregory woke up and sat straight up in the bed. He had a grin of happiness and peace on his face. For the child that has difficulty stringing together sentences, he said.... "bye bye Paw Paw... he going home." I had not spoken a word to him that his PawPaw was close to death, and already God was speaking through our 4 year old to offer comfort. Less than 5 hours later, he was gone to be with God.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Goodbye MawMaw

I told myself when I created this new blog, that I would leave all the sadness behind BUT, unfortunately, this past month, our family went through sadness unlike any other... a sadness that would take our family in a new direction... we lost Jay's maternal grandmother on September 10.

MawMaw was a lovely lady in her own right, she loved her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren dearly. She was stern but was also determined. She battled old age for months, until finally passing on a overcast Wednesday morning surrounded by the 3 surviving children and 3 surviving sisters. Had she passed just one day later, September 11, it would have been exactly 5 years since her late husband passed away.

What made this death that much more hard, was it was just 6 short days after her son-in-law's passing.... Jay's father.

We spent a total of 4 days in 1 week at the funeral home.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Has it really been 4 months?

I have to admit, these past 4 months have been hard. Blogging has been on the very bottom of my list. My goals have all been to take care of my husband and son with the rest of the family close behind. Allow me a moment to catch up...

July 2014

Spent Independence Day with in-laws swimming for lunch and at the lake for fireworks with friends at night.
Went on several day trips with work and an overnight camping trip. Watched my best friend graduate Medical Assistant school.
We won a trip to the Atlanta Braves game.

August 2014

Spent my 31st birthday with my students on a trip. They surprised me with snowman ornaments and a birthday cake! How sweet!

Gregory started Pre-K this year! I can't believe how big he has got!

And Jay started his 2nd teaching contract as a 4th grade Science and Writing teacher. He is so happy and blessed to work in the same position again.

September 2014

September was a really, REALLY bad month for our family. I will save that information for the next two posts.

Gregory did start his second year of soccer this year, and we are just happy he is starting to listen to the coaches, even if he doesn't play often.

We went to the county fair, school family fun night, high school football game and the zoo!


So, that is what we have been up to. Soccer, work, school and spending time with family. Stay tuned for more.